Zodwa Wabantu proposed to his ben 10 boyfriend

Zodwa Wabantu she is known by exposing and telling all the truth about her life. But this time Wabantu had a big surprise for hos fans as well has he boyfriend.

Zodwa went down on one knee and proposed to his ben ten boyfriend Ntobeko Linda. But before she could reveal her surprise to his boyfriend and fans This is what she said “We as Women we give our Men Money to Marry us. Hard working Women hide that they Marry themselves by giving their Boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola. Some Women get Desperate to have that Ring on their Fingers🤣 But I don’t mind showing reality cause everything that has to do with Zodwa Wabantu is real. Mine is Real, I will Marry him. Thank you @eyadiniloungenuz for Supporting me Always @jigamoney Ngiyabonga kakhulu 🙏❤️ Live your life they way you want🙌❤️ To every Woman👸 Dress/Skirt @urbanzulusa”

This is the big surprise Zodwa has bought for her boyfriend. Although some of her fans aren’t happy with her action saying that this could make her boyfriend useless, but to her response she said she has nothing to hide, she said her life is real and not a fake life.

The event took place at Eyadini Launge and Zodwa did that in full view of her fans as the Eyadini was full packed with her fans.


The minister of police is to address Manguzi community today

Its been a week since the community of Manguzi at Kwamhlabuyalinga went out on strike, and this time as the strike took a second level had drawn the minister’s attention.

Mr Fikile Mbalula will be listening to the community of their demands. The community went out on strike last week Friday after several attempts from the government on resolving the issues of car hijacking and crossing the Mozambican borders.

The residents closed Kosi Bay border gate last week and that draw the Community safety and liaison MEC Mxolise Khaunda, which he paid a visit to the area on Tuesday 23/01/2018 with the aim of calming the situation. But the community wanted nothing to do him but to drop the charges laid against some of the protesters that were arrested on the day of closing the border gate. The MEC did not meet with community and that made situation even worse and took the strike to the next level by shutting down everything including schools and shops.

Happy new year

It’s been a long journey since January of 2017, and a lot of bad things and good things had happed to some of us.

As the 2017 year began, we all had our new year’s resolutions, some managed to fulfil them and some they didn’t. To those who managed to make their dream come true, congrats and to those who didn’t, it’s not the end of the world, here is 2018, just open a new page, but with the same wishes.

As we making a count down which are only few hour to 2018, Afroced Media would like to wish all the people to arrive alive in 2018. To those who are driving please drive sober, don’t drink and drive. Let us all meet in 2018.

SA in the mourning.

South Africa is facing the lost of the music legend.

The South African number 1 music producer had died. The sad news came out on the day where the whole country was celebrating Christmas day.

Malinga entered the music industry in the early ages and in 1998 he released a kwaito song titled INSIMBI in which is the same track that made him shoot to fame

The Insimbi legend he then took a stand to work behind the scenes in the music industry, in which he produced and developed many artists including; Zahara, Kelly Khumalo, Malaika, Mafikizolo, Tando Bangane, Brown Desh, Musa and many.

Bra Robbie will be remembered by his Afro pop hits, including BENGIRONGO, with Zahara.

The 47 years music producer had put his mark in the music and the country will remember him with his work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Mr. E D Ngubane

It’s been a long journey for each and every one of us, some of us had experienced difficult moments during the year 2017.

Some of us had lost our loved ones, some of us had lost our jobs, in fact a lot of bad things had happed to us, but still on those pains, it does not mean that God is not with us, it does not mean that God has forsaken us, it does not mean that God does not love us, he will answer wipe all the tears and bring smile and joy again into our lives.

To all the clients, friends and families of AFROCED MEDIA GROUP, we would like to wish you all a happy CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Enjoy responsibly

By E D Ngubane

The importance of a Business Logo

Why a Company logo is so important for your business? 

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Point your Company out of many

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Listen deeply 

It’s about time, the Single is now out named Cold Winds by Eli Brown Deep

The moment that everybody has been waiting for. This music legend who has bern in the music industry for more than a decade has now made a come back after disapearing for a wile in the music industry. 

This time Eli Brown Deep ​speaks another language, which is House music. 

To get his work, you can Click here

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